@iloveanchorage holiday gift guide, part 2

iloveanchorage, part 2

On day two of my stint as the @iloveanchorage Instagram host, I focused on picking out holiday gifts for guys. I’m not going to lie, shopping locally for men just isn’t always in the credit cards because most stores know who typically exercises their purchasing power. However, when I started to think outside the box (er, closet?) and look more closely, I discovered how smart some of our local shops are at bringing in select, but clever choices that made my shopping adventure super inspiring.

Here’s Tuesday’s guide to shopping local for your favorite fellows:

Gift No. 1: Hulin Alaskan Design hoodies ($60 for zip-ups, $55 for pullovers) at Dos Manos Gallery (1317 W. Northern Lights Blvd.) are a great go-to gift for casual dudes who do Alaskan things, like skiing, beer drinking and Spenard-ing, which is why they are number one on my gift list for guys. Word on the street is a couple new Hulin designs are making their way to Dos Manos this week too!

Gift No. 2: If accessories aren’t your guy’s game, you can still add some flair to his function with number two on my all-guy gift list: Oakley Frogskin sunglasses ($170) from Zak’s Boardroom (715 W. Fourth Ave.). These are a classic option, with cool points dating back to the ‘80s, but the new LX models are upgraded with handmade acetate frames and polarized lenses.

Gift No. 3: Most of us have a fellow in our lives who can be categorized as a beer aficionado (or at least imbiber?), so number three on my gifts for guys list is for him. Head to Midnight Sun Brewing Co. (8111 Dimond Hook Drive) and get a growler and a gift card ($9-$15 to fill the growler) and let him pick his favorite libation or pick up one of Midnight Sun’s holiday packs ($28-$75) that come with various combinations of logo glasses, koozies and other beer-drinking necessities.

Gift No. 4: The North Face Back to Berkley boot ($120) at Skinny Raven Sports (800 H Street), number four on my gifts for guys list, is the best of both worlds: A retro look that’s hot in the streets and high-tech features for the outdoor dude. Whether you get him these boots to match his attitude or altitude, he’ll be warm and dry.

Gift No. 5: The wall of cologne ($35 and up) at Stallone’s Men’s Clothing Store (600 E. Northern Lights Blvd., No. 139) is like a candy counter for the sophisticate. But it’s worth hitting up this stalwart local men’s spot whether your guy has some sense about his scents or needs a little boost in his spray-and-smell game for my number five gift pick.

Gift No. 6: A recurring theme of my guys’ gift list is retro revival, and the number six gift keeps pace: Moscow Mule Copper mugs ($34.98) from Metro Cooks (570 E. Benson Blvd., No. 5). Now he can be authentic when he makes the classic, but newly popular cocktail at home and not ask you to fit the mug in your purse on the way out the door. 

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