More Wes Anderson-inspired costumes – consignment shopping edition!

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It’s week three of our Halloween Blog Party and hopefully you’re checking your calendar, counting the days and putting the final touches on your costume. If not, consider this week’s Wes Anderson theme a cornucopia of easy last-minute ideas.

Alaska Knit Nat, hands down the best thrift-store shopper I know, put together these quick and thrifty costume versions of three Wes Anderson characters in one stop at Bishop’s Attic. So, I visited The Clothesline Consignment and pieced together three more costumes using items strictly from the store’s racks. I’ve also included a list of easy accessories and props you can add to complete each look.

(Wes Anderson not your thing? The Clothesline’s ongoing series of straight-off-the-rack costumes is also chock full of fabulous ideas. Check it out here or here.)

Margot Tenenbaum from “The Royal Tenenbaums”


“Margot (These Days)” by amy via flicker, licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

This is probably one of the most popular Wes Anderson-inspired costumes ever. The Internet is overrun with DIY pictures and style ideas inspired by the moody Margot. The outfit I pulled together includes a long, heavy green/brown tweed coat in lieu of her staple mink fur coat, but you can always check out the recycled fur collection over at Second Run if you’re a purist.

Wes Anderson-1

Props and accessories to complete the costume:

  • Pink gloves (Margot is missing a finger, so you can fold one finger down to be most authentic.)
  • Red barrette
  • Eye liner for her smudged look (Here’s an easy Margot hair-and-makeup tutorial.)

Mrs. Felicity Fox from “The Fantastic Mr. Fox”

Pulling together a Mrs. Felicity Fox costume is less about what you need to buy and more about accessorizing, but a perfect yellow dress is key. This Shabby Apple version is a clutch find!

Wes Anderson-2

Props and accessories to complete the costume:

  • Fox mask (Hey, foxy! Remember that mask I made last week?)
  • Paintbrushes and scissors, which she keeps in her dress pockets
  • Fox silhouette brooch (You can make a brooch out of felt, or here’s a DIY tutorial for a classier version.)
  • Brown tights

And here’s a DIY tutorial for the whole costume, including making an apple stamp for the dress out of a potato!

Agatha from “The Grand Budapest Hotel”


“Agatha” by Nata Branttes via flicker, licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

An Agatha costume is also one that is defined and elevated by a few delectable details, including the signature Mendl’s patisserie box. But this chambray collared dress and pink long-sleeve t-shirt make for a great foundation.

Wes Anderson-3

Props and accessories to complete the costume:

  • Society of Crossed Keys necklace (To make one, Sugar and Cloth has a DIY tutorial.)
  • “M” monogram for the dress/apron (Recommend using a marker to draw this onto your clothing but there are a few tutorials out there that use a printable iron-on, if you’re so inclined.)
  • Mendl’s patisserie box (The best tutorials and templates I could find are here at The Duck and The Owl and over here at Sugar and Cloth.)
  • Red eyeliner pencil, if you want to recreate her birthmark
  • Flour (To dust on your face, of course!)

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