Wearable Wild Things

Wild Thing-1

No “Where the Wild Things Are” party would be complete without, of course, a few Wild Things. I admit, I’m at least a day late posting this because it’s Monday and we’re kicking off the next weekly theme for our Halloween Blog Party today over at Alaska Knit Nat. Toddler Wild Thing wrangling is my excuse.

To accompany my Max costume, here is my DIY Wild Thing costume tutorial for my little wilds. And please believe, the definition of wild is trying to photograph these two in costume. The outtakes are worthy of their own album.

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Cheers, Wild Things!

Wild Rumpus Cocktail 3

No party, even a blog party, would be complete without something to sip. So we asked local traveling speakeasy, The Sawbuck, to gin up a cocktail each week that fits our Halloween Blog Party theme. Read on and drink up, Wild Things!

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This party needs a playlist

Flower Arrangement-2Let’s keep this Halloween Blog Party going!

If you haven’t check out Natasha’s simple tutorial for a “Where the Wild Things Are”-inspired flower arrangement, you should. It would go well with a few pumpkins on the party table. (Full disclosure: I attempted to carve a pumpkin with the silhouette of Wild Thing Moishe to pair with her arrangement, but my carving skills need some work before they go public.)

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Let the wild rumpus start!

Blog Party Graphic

We’re having a Halloween Blog Party! Throughout October, I’m collaborating with local bloggers Natasha Price of Alaska Knit Nat and Tess Weaver of TessieStyle to present fresh, fun and accessible Halloween ideas and do-it-yourself (DIY) tips. Each week we will curate a collection of costumes, décor, crafts, and last-minute ideas focused on a weekly theme. Local traveling speakeasy, The Sawbuck, will contribute craft cocktail recipes, and DJ Spencer Lee will create a playlist to complete the party.

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Window Shopping: The Park

The Park-1

On an overcast Thursday in early September, in true-to-Alaska-shopper form, more than 500 people waited in line for the grand opening of Anchorage’s Nordstrom Rack. We love a new store like we love a good PFD sale or Black Friday deal.

A few blocks away that same morning, The Park, a locally owned women’s luxury boutique, opened for the first time. And despite zero grand-opening hoopla and only a  bit of social media promotion, it’s no surprise the store was stocked with a steady stream of shoppers all morning, and just a few days later owner Nanette Park was quickly restocking her racks to keep up with demand.

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Welcome back!

I missed you, Alaska!

I launched this blog in a rush in December 2013, hoping to capture the momentum of the holiday shopping season, blog my way throughout the New Year and become a permanent fixture on your bookmarks bar. Then I disappeared.

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@iloveanchorage holiday gift guide, part 6

iloveanchorage, part 6Whew! I had so much fun this week as the host of the @iloveanchorage Instagram account, and I hope you found some holiday gift-giving inspiration along the way. Visiting so many locally owned stores – and realizing how many stores I just didn’t have time to get to – was a wonderful reminder of how great shopping in Anchorage can be.

I’m wrapping up the week by sharing some of my top gift picks for your favorite dog (or the lover of four-legged friends in your life).

Here’s Sunday’s guide to shopping local for your pooch:

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@iloveanchorage holiday gift guide, part 4

iloveanchorage, part 4

Yesterday’s gift picks for my stint as the @iloveanchorage Instagram host focused, fittingly, on local love! Each item represents our city or state in a unique way and lets your giftee wear their Alaska-shaped heart on their sleeve, head or even hang it on their wall. 

Here’s Thursday’s guide to shopping for gifts that embody our local love:

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@iloveanchorage holiday gift guide, part 3

iloveanchorage, part 3

For day three of my @iloveanchorage Instagram hosting gig, I added kids’ gifts to my holiday shopping suggestions. Besides playtime with the picks, I had fun hitting up a few spots that I rarely have a reason to shop. The energy inside our local toy stores this time of year can make you all that more excited for Christmas morning.

Here’s Wednesday’s guide to shopping local for your little ones:

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