This party needs a playlist

Flower Arrangement-2Let’s keep this Halloween Blog Party going!

If you haven’t check out Natasha’s simple tutorial for a “Where the Wild Things Are”-inspired flower arrangement, you should. It would go well with a few pumpkins on the party table. (Full disclosure: I attempted to carve a pumpkin with the silhouette of Wild Thing Moishe to pair with her arrangement, but my carving skills need some work before they go public.)

Also, DJ Spencer Lee put together this rockin’ “Let the Wild Rumpus Start” playlist. It makes a great soundtrack for late-night costume DIYing or living-room dance parties. And, for maximum effect, he recommends yelling, “Let the Wild Rumpus Start!” right before hitting play.

Stay with us the rest of the week for my final Wild Thing costume reveal, a cocktail from The Sawbuck to kick-off your weekend, whether it’s going to be wild or not, and TessieStyle’s take on last-minute, straight-from-your-closet costume ideas inspired by elements of my Max outfit. (Bonus: You won’t want to miss my modeling skills.)

Throughout October, I’m collaborating with local bloggers Natasha Price of Alaska Knit Nat and Tess Weaver of TessieStyle to present fresh, fun and accessible Halloween ideas and DIY tips. Each week we will curate a collection of costumes, décor, crafts, and last-minute ideas focused on a weekly theme. Local traveling speakeasy, The Sawbuck, will contribute craft cocktail recipes, and DJ Spencer Lee will create a playlist to complete the party.

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