Welcome to akshopgirl the blog!

Welcome to akshopgirl.com! This is a blog about living a stylish life in the 49th state.

I’m Leslie Boyd, and I’ve been writing about shopping and style in Alaska for more than eight years. I’ll buy just about anything but the excuse that living in the Last Frontier means you shouldn’t have to dress up. (But don’t hold that against me if you see me dressed down at the grocery store. I am Alaskan, after all!)

If you are here because you’ve been following my writing for some time, thank you! If you’re a new reader, here’s a little bit about how akshopgirl came to be: I started writing about local shopping, primarily focused on Anchorage, almost eight years ago. In 2006, I started a two-year stint writing a weekly shopping column for the Anchorage Daily News and maintaining my first Shop Girl blog at adn.com. A year ago, my writing found a new home at Alaska Dispatch, where I continue to explore local style and shopping options on the Shop 907 page.

The goal of this blog is to give you a glimpse into the people, passions and products that make life on the Last Frontier a little more savvy and stylish. The bulk of what you read will be focused on shopping and personal style, but we all know that doesn’t stop when you walk out of your wardrobe. Content will also include home, food and drink and the events and places that motivate us to actually get dressed up when the temperature is below zero.

If you have ideas or information to share or just want to chat, please contact me. You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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